How It Works

How it works


1) Sign up

Sign up via email or Facebook on the sign up page or the link below and become a Luckyfinder

                                                   Then having a chance to receive 4 free gifts every single day, all year round!



2) Interests and hobbies

After you’ve signed up fill out your interests and hobbies to win gifts specific for you


3) When you win

Make sure you regularly check your email as you will be sent an email confirming your address for your free gift


4) Point Rewards

Our points reward page allows you to earn points and exchange them for more free gifts at a click of a button


5) Earn points

You can easily earn points by referring friends to the website,

log-in daily

and opening emails to claim even more free points


6) Member of the month

By earning points you can race up the leaderboard, the user who has earned the most points within a month will be rewarded with another free gift! So get earning


7) Watching out for emails

Watch out for all the email we send as some of them will offer free points and also a double chance of winning within the day, you will have to claim these rewards following the email